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Sign Our Open Letter

Please sign our Open Letter to call on state legislators to amend the Class Size Law so that it's fair for all students.

Translations of our Open Letter are available here:



Join Our Coalition!

If equitable class sizes matter to you, please join our coalition by signing our Open Letter. If your organization would like to sign on, please email us at

Talk to your NY State Lawmakers

Laws aren't always perfect - sometimes there are unintended consequences, so that's why it's really important for you to reach out and ask your state lawmakers to fix this law. 


Please call them today!

Find My State Senator

Find My Assemblymember

Talk to Parent Leaders

While parent advocates can't write laws, they can write resolutions to advise lawmakers when something isn't quite right.


Ask your Community Education Council (CEC) which are your local volunteer parent advocates to write and pass a resolution to amend the law. Your school's Parent Coordinator can help you find out who your liason is if you don't know.


CEC's that have passed resolutions to amend the law:

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